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Asus CDX10 Zero Client Box 1GB Ram 2GB Flash - EX Demo


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Der ASUS CDX10 unterstützt HDX Citrix ICA, RDP 8.0 Remote FX und VMWare PCoIP Umgebungen. Die Geräte sind neutral verpackt.Zustand ist wie Neu.


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CDX10 with Citrix HDX enables Citrix®, VMware®, and Microsoft®-based virtual work environments

With Citrix HDX, VMware PCoIP, and Microsoft RDP protocol transmission support, connecting the CDX10 Zero Client Box to any normal monitor turns it into a zero client monitor for seamless integration with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enviroments. HDX remote desktop protocol allows endpoints to connect to a central server that host the operating systems and application. This frees users and administrators from the burden of applying patches and updates or others routine PC maintenance tasks, simplifying dekstop management and increasing security.

What is VDI?

In a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environment, clients connect to desktop operating systems and applications running on virtual machines that are hosted on a central server.

Effortless IT management

The processors found in the CDX10 Zero Client Box synchronizes administrative task and software updates seamlessly to give your business a highly efficient IT management system.

Secure your data

With Citrix HDX and VMware PCoIP technologies, all files and software are safely stored on the central server. This approach also means users only have internet access via a secure gateway, minimizing the risk of malware and other security issues.

Fast data transmission with UDP

Highly reliable transmission with TCP

Citrix HDX uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which conducts error checking and ensures a reliable and ordered of a stream of bytes from user to server or vice versa. TCP is a highly manageable and reliable protocol that works with network monitoring tool and app.

VESA mount compatible design

Weighing just 600g, the CDX10 Zero Client Box has a sleek, compact design and can be mounted easily on the back of any VESA-compatible display. Once connected the CDX10 turns any display into a VDI zero client monitor, freeing up desktop space for a clutter-free workstation.





Betriebssystem Zero Client


Prozessor Texas Instrument TMS320DM8148 ARM Cortex A8
Anz. der Kerne Single Core


Flash 2 GB


Unterstützte Sitzungen Citrix XenApp (ICA), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), VMware View


Auflösung 1920 x 1080
Video Speicher 128 MB - 1024 MB


Monitoranschlüsse DVI


AC Eingangsfrequenz 50 - 60 Hz
AC Eingangsspannung 100 - 240 V
Netzteil EU
Stromversorgung 8 W


Gewicht 6.00000